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Islamic Dakwah; the OSM way! (14 Articles so far, alhamdullilah <3)

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5 Basic Duties of a Muslim

Table Manners in Islam

A Guide to Proper Hijjab for Ladies

Ways to Enter Paradise (pt 1)

Things to do on the First 10 Days of Dzulhijjah

Celebration of ‘Eidul-Adha

Tips for Better Wuduq

Types of Shirk (We Must Avoid)

The Month of Muharram

Communication Manners in Islam

A Muslim’s Duties Towards the Quran

Ways to Treat Your Parents

Ethics of Sleeping

The Story of Prophet Muhammad (pt 1)

Years have been passed by and don’t know how long have to wait for it….Sigh…. But for sure Allah know when is the best time. =’) So just have to be a little bit patience right? =’) May Allah grant patience and strength to face days ahead.

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